Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This is a "Doo-Dad" bag the girls and I made for Troy. We'll hang it up on the wall, so he can put his keys and wallet in there when he comes home. Hopefully, now those little important items won't get misplaced around the house. :)

We made this in a few hours. One side has each of the girls' handprints they stamped with paint. The other side has various sized fabric "stamps" that they glued onto the fabric with Elmer's. Afterwards, I quilted on the stamps and around their handprints. Then I twirled black yarn for hangers and sewed them on as well.

Voila! Our Doo-Dad bag is done! This was a fun project, and the girls (ages 3 and 4) really had fun with this.

There are  few things I would do differently next time. One, I would use frenching scissors when cutting out patches to avoid fraying. Two, I would use washable fabric paint (didn't have any available at the time) so bag can be cleaned easily. Three, some fabrics tend to show glue spots (henceforth, the markered heart on stamp side), so I would try to use a glue stick instead of liquid.

All in all, definitely a fun project which will give me many ideas for future projects. Troy will receive this tonight, after he gets home from work. I'm sure he will love the effort we all put into it to show him how much we love him. He deserves it!

Happy Father's Day out there to my Dad and all the other great Dads out there!

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